Case Study: Ambulance Tasmania

In late 2023, Ambulance Tasmania completed the first phase implementation of its new Controlled Drugs Management (CDM) software for all paramedics across Tasmania. The implementation and rollout of the HealthCare Software’s CDM solution has been named the Ambulance Tasmania Online Medication System (ATOMS) within the service. ATOMS provides robust and audited management of controlled medications across the Ambulance service, replaces manual paper-based processes, and enables paramedics to increase time on patient care.

The HealthCare Software team worked with Ambulance Tasmania to review its medication management administration processes and objectives, and delivered the configured solution that has now brought faster, accurate medication recording and reporting to the organisation.

The CDM solution was configured with the Statewide Pharmacist and paramedics to make it easy to use and consistent with their work processes and requirements. Implementation will continue in 2024 to incorporate Volunteer Ambulance Officers and reach all Branches in Tasmania. The project will continue to bring lasting and significant benefits to health consumers and personnel of Ambulance Tasmania into the future.

The system is intuitive, easy to navigate and allows paramedics to record medication administration before they return to a Station where manual Registers were previously held. This saves time at the end of each shift for all paramedics.

Hamish Crisp

Statewide Pharmacy Manager

A phased approach to implementation for each Region enabled an initial ‘pilot approach’ to be undertaken, with practical and minor improvements to systems and processes made for future Regions. This also allowed the Project Team to provide change management support for Go-Live and directly aided in streamlining implementation on the ground.

As part of the post implementation review process, HealthCare Software and Ambulance Tasmania summarised the high-level benefits of the implementation as follows:

Easy and accurate recording

Increased access to controlled medication information for paramedics and managers

This improved capacity by Ambulance Tasmania personnel to manage and monitor stock of specified medications, will reduce personnel costs, enable more hours to be delivered to patient care and reduce medication waste.

Dr Tim Makrides

Executive Director – Clinical Information Services,
Statewide Pharmacy Manager

Unlimited and instant automated reporting is now possible

Increased compliance with legislation and improved accuracy and reliability of medication management registers

Executive and paramedic confidence in medication management records and reporting has greatly improved. The CDM allows for recording of medication administration closer to the actual activity and, in conjunction with compliance checks and audits, ensures that medication stock levels are accurately reflected

Jordan Emery

Chief Executive Officer

Cost benefits

Staff Satisfaction