Our Approach

Our aim is to provide the best possible service to our customers when they use our products and interact with our team. This starts from your first conversation with us and continues throughout and beyond our formal relationship.

We approach the implementation of our solutions with an open and flexible mind to work with our customers to ensure the desired outcome is achieved in a format which suits their organization and ways of working, whether it’s through a ‘big bang’ or a phased approach.

Our years of experience have shown us how to support the implementation of our solutions to get the best outcome for our Customers. We use a hybrid project methodology that draws on our experiences and which recognises our Agile approach to software development and configuration, while allowing us to adapt to our customer’s preferred framework.

Customer implementations are supported by an experienced team including Project and Technical resources who are dedicated to achieving a successful onboarding and rollout of our solutions. We work closely with customer project teams from initiation through to close and post-implementation reviews, ensuring that required artifacts including Charters, Plans and Schedules are in place to support required governance structures.

Transition to business-as-usual operations is smoothed by the introduction of a Customer Success Officer during the implementation phase, who then becomes your key relationship manager during your engagement of us and use of our solution. Our ongoing relationship with you will include an agreed cadence of reporting and contract management interactions, to ensure that we continue to deliver to your expectations.