Online Member Services (OMS)

Empower your members to better manage their policy.

Are you looking for new ways to interact with your members and want to make it easy for them to take advantage of their health insurance at a time and place that suits them?

Our Online Member Services (OMS) solution is a contemporary online membership platform providing a one-stop destination for private health insurance needs. It is made available to members via a website and smart phone application, while a dedicated administration portal provides you as the provider with secure access to policy, accounts, claims and payment information.

The OMS is also integrated with HICAPS allowing member claims via the platform.

Benefits for Members:

CLAIM ON THE GO: Members simply login to member services to make a claim. They can choose who they are claiming for on their policy, take or upload a picture of their receipt and click submit. It’s easy.

BENEFIT LIMITS: Members are now able to keep track of their extras limits and see how many benefits they have remaining for the calendar year.

PAYMENTS: Members can view their current payment details, make a regular payment, choose to pay a different amount or pay their policy up to a specific date.

DIGITAL CARD: For those members who use an Android device, they can use tap-and-pay at treatment providers who use HICAPS terminals.

UPDATE YOUR INFORMATION: From adding a child to their policy through to updating their contact details, members can take control of their health insurance at a time that suits them. They can also Invite and grant permissions to the other adults on their policy.