Referral Managemenent

Transform your Referral management workflow with our industry leading secure solution.

Referral management has historically been a highly manual process which is inefficient and introduces unnecessary clinical and patient risk. This can include physical referrals being misplaced or data being transcribed incorrectly, leading to delays in patients receiving care.

Our Referral Management System (RMS) is a contemporary, cloud-based solution which enables health providers to manage the complete referral process electronically in real-time, significantly reducing referral processing timeframes. This contributes to patients becoming available for appointments sooner and better health outcomes.

The RMS integrates directly with clinical information systems such as a health services Patient Administration System (PAS) and Medical Record (DMR/EMR), ensuring patient records are updated in real-time. The RMS also integrates with community and primary care systems such as Practice Management Systems (PMS) via secure messaging providers, allowing GP’s and private specialists to submit referrals electronically.

The RMS also facilitates real-time communication between the referrer, health service provider, and patient, through secure messaging and SMS communication.

Key Benefits: