Snug Wellness App

A simple smartphone application that connects medical history, family health, monitoring devices, and fitness wearables to empower informed decisions about health and well-being.

Managing health and wellbeing just got easier

Information about our health and wellbeing is collected and stored by numerous and different devices and providers. Keeping track of important health information across those multiple sources is time consuming and making sense of multiple sets of data and what they mean to our health and wellbeing can be confusing. Amazingly there are over 350,000 apps available in the medical, health and fitness categories in the major app stores1 and it would be fair to say most people have several on their smart devices.

The HCS Snug Wellness App is a secure and configurable application which is a one-stop-shop when it comes to viewing and managing personal health and wellness information. The app consolidates information from multiple sources, through secure integrations with the users’ devices and wearables, as well as information from their My Health Record profile. This allows users to track their day-to-day activities against goals, their past medical appointments and immunisation history, and current medications. Users can set reminders to take important medications and for when prescriptions need not be renewed.

The Snug Wellness App also allows users to securely share information with their Circle of Care, which can include family members and care providers. This includes the ability to set automatic alerts to Circle of Care members if an out-of-range reading is logged, for example a low blood sugar reading from a connected monitoring device. Users can also view or manage profiles for others with consent, whether it's recording children's milestones and immunisations, or helping an elderly relative or client better manage their health.

The Snug Wellness App is secured by access control using native smart device technology including thumb, facial or PIN access choices, ensuring on our HIPAA compliant platform keeps health information secure.


The Snug Wellness App is currently provided to members of the below health funds. Speak to us about how your business and your member or clients could benefit from using this platform.

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